Imagining Omnipotence

Imagine for a moment that you are omnipotent. The world hasn’t come into being yet. There is no concept of time; you are living in the infinite now. You can create anything you want — and you pretty much have to, because nothing else can exist unless you will it into being.

There’s a true loneliness here because others cannot exist unless you create them. There can be no other omnipotent beings because only one can be omnipotent. There can also be no surprises — because you’ve created everything. So not only is there a loneliness, but there is also a boredom. An infinite nothingness.

So now what?

You decide to create beings and observe them. This kinda works, but they can’t really surprise you, either, because you’ve created everything there is to know about them. You had to. But at least you came up with a good idea: These beings can cease to exist through a process called death. You’ve also wisely made them ignorant to your existence. They mostly think they were created by random chance with no evidence to the contrary.

Turns out, death is a real motivator. These little beings make a lot of effort to avoid it! And while this is somewhat interesting — again, it’s still limited because you created them. You still exist in infinite nothingness, but you are temporarily accompanied by some beings that you imagined yourself.

But wait! You have one more great idea. You decide that you will become one of them, and you will also cause yourself to forget that you are omnipotent.

Suddenly the whole world is different. You start to take things seriously! You get to experience fear for the first time. A negative emotion! And you also get to experience positive emotions. The feeling of being safe, the act of procreating, eating, etc… You finally get to have these types of experiences. Even surprises! Amazing!

Then one day you die, and you realize OMG. It’s been ME all along! It worked. I was completely convinced that I was going to cease to exist! Wow. That was intense.

Let’s do it again!

About the Author


Kevin Sheller a video game producer, writer, and lightworker. Recent works include Damaged Core for Oculus Rift and Nickelodeon Dance 2. Kevin currently writes and funds an indie comic series called RIGHTEOUS, which tells the story of a man's journey from greedy corporate stooge to altruistic do-gooder, all thanks to a disease that compels people to shed their selfish ways and dedicate themselves to help others.

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